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When asked how the pizza vending machines at his restaurant is different from other pizzerias in town - like the one mentioned above that has been covered in this article by Pizza Marketplace - the owner of Basil Street Cafe owner Deglin Kenealy answers with a question he usually asks himself before starting a meeting: 'How much money do I have left?' The pizza vending machine at his restaurant, Basil Street Cafe (which is on the second floor) is the latest addition to the food business that he has taken an interest in. The pizzas that he sells are fresh made from scratch using the freshest ingredients available. In a city where you cannot just go to the pizza parlor and get the same old pizza that you see advertised everywhere, he decided to try something new by purchasing a new pizza vending machine. It is located at the back of the restaurant. Click here to find out more about Pizza Machine services.

One day, as Basil Street Cafe was enjoying a nice lunch break, the pizza vending machine went haywire. This machine is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system and a sensor that tells the owner when the machine has been used. The pizza machines inside are placed in strategic spots around the restaurant. The owner of the establishment was not able to track down the cause of the malfunction, but he noticed the machines were being placed in areas where the customers would frequent. He figured that the proximity of the machines made the customers more likely to buy pizza. He had also noticed that they are placed where people who are less likely to eat pizza would walk by and look at the display. Take a look at Hot Food Vending Machine ideas here!

As the machine malfunctions, one of the customers notices that the toppings are in smaller sizes than usual. He takes it to a counter where the manager picks the topping to place in the machine. She puts the toppings in the slot and the machine automatically dispenses. The manager then adds her own toppings, but when she does, the machine produces different sizes. to make sure that the machine can accept the toppings ordered by the customers.

When the owner comes back home from work, he tells the staff at his pizza shop that he wants to inspect the machine. He then discovers that the machine is broken. and that the toppings are not being put into the machine properly.

The employees of the pizza shop are not impressed and tell him that the toppings should be inserted in the correct amount. for each customer. The owner decides to have a meeting with the person who sold him the pizza vending machine. They talk about the problem, but the seller assures him that he will take care of the problem.

When the owner returns from work the next day, the machine is broken again. He picks up the machine to find the machine is now empty of toppings, but the employee says that he didn't add the toppings. because he forgot.



For more information, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5appRbJrd9o.


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