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When asked if his business' pizza vending machine is actually different than others in the pizza industry, the CEO of Basil Street Cafe, Deglin Kenealy responds by pointing to the lowly roasted brussels sprout. "The question often heard is, 'What do you use for toppings on your pizza?' The answer most often hears is, 'Well, we use a lot of things,' which is a good thing because we can use them all," Kenealy says with a laugh. "But, the truth is the more toppings we put on the crust, the better and healthier it will be for the customer. Click here if you are looking for a 24 Hour Pizza Vending Machine.

Brussel Sprouts, the humble, but tasty, vegetable, have long been used as an ingredient on pizza crusts, but this isn't the only reason why Kenealy's business offers so much more than what people are used to. He says his pizza vending machines have much more than mere toppings and cheese. There are specialty items to choose from that appeal to each and every taste bud. In fact, Kenealy says the majority of customers who visit Basil Street Cafe don't even taste the pizza until they get there.

Grill and sausage lovers, as well as people who enjoy their pizza with some steak, red wine or whatever, are very much in demand at Basil Street Cafe. Most of the items on offer are made with the freshest ingredients, so no time for a trip to the supermarket for some less than top notch items. It seems like Brussel Sprouts are a staple in any kind of pizza, and Kenealy's sales numbers show that. He says his business is growing every day, which means he's getting more business than he ever has. What's more is that he says it's more business from people who love food and want to try something new. Read more about the benefits of Pizza Vending machines here!

Kenealy says one of the biggest challenges he's faced in his business has been to make sure that his employees have the right attitude when it comes to their customers and their pizza. This is especially difficult, he says, when working on weekends and holidays. As a business owner, he has to make sure that his employees have a good attitude and a good working attitude, both to keep them happy and motivated and to continue doing their job properly.

"We want our pizza's to be on the menu and for our pizza owners to be proud to have them on the menu, even when we're not open. That is how we are successful," Kenealy explains.

Basil Street Cafe's pizzas are also known for their quality, so Kenealy offers an eight-ounce variety of house-ground meat on every one of his pizza creations. And when it comes to toppings, Kenealy also does not skimp on them.



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